Free Nintendo Switch Games: Switchmas Wonderland by No Gravity Games FREE Games from 11th to 20th (Need to Redeem daily)

On Selected day one title will be revealed and will have 100% off Owner Discount. If you have all the previous games from the lineup you’ll be able to grab it for free! Just click on the corresponding image of the game as it goes up for grabs and you’ll be able to redeem it there.

You’ll need to be careful though. If you forget to redeem any of the corresponding free titles, you won’t be eligible for the rest. The next titles in the lineup will become available free for users who have the previous ones added to their accounts!
(If you miss a game, don’t worry. Just buy the missing games which will go on sale day after the owner discount to complete the chain and this will grant you a possibility to gather the rest of them for free!)

Missed any game from the chain? Want to join? Remember, you need to have all the previous games from the lineup to be eligible to start getting the rest of them FOR FREE. We discounted the missing games so that you don’t have to pay a full price, only a fraction of it to join and get the rest of the games.

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